Bidar Campus

Shaheen…..the very name epitomizes royalty and incredible heights blended together.

Literal translation of the name means royal falcon and that’s how the group has soared to imposing heights within a short span of 25 years. What started off as a lofty vision in a one room tenement is now a reality touching thousands of lives and empowering a multitude of minds.

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Hyderabad Campus

The erstwhile city of Nawabs is already a hub of academic excellence backed by

a host of educational institutions. But what makes the city poorer is the absence of world class academic institutions offering quality education along with Islamic values. Shaheen aims to bridge this gap by shaping a top notch academic hub that offers a combination of education,

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Bengaluru Campus

The silicon valley of east is yet another name long known for its world class professional institutions

including a number of engineering & medical colleges. The city however is not home to any institution that imparts education in true Islamic methods. Moreover, there’s always space for academic institutions which equip students to successfully gain entry into professional courses.

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